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Fix: Log in to WordPress iOS App (XML-RPC methods missing)

XML-RPC error while login

If you are getting the error above this article might help you.


In order for this to work this must be true:

  1. You’re using Digital Ocean.
  2. You install WordPress with the one-click installer.
  3. You receive the following error trying to log in to your blog via the WordPress iOS app: Couldn't connect. Required XML-RPC methods are missing on the server


1. Enter to your droplet using SSH

ssh root@YOUR-IP

2. Disable xml-rpm.php block

Run this commands:

# to disable the configuration that blocks xmlrpc
a2disconf block-xmlrpc
# to restart the server
systemctl reload apache2

a2disconf disables block-xmlrpc.conf that redirects requests to /xmlrpc.php into the home page.

To block xml-rpm again run a2enconf block-xmlrpc and restart the server again. More info on ubuntu manuals.

ubuntu manuals

To verify:

  1. In incognito mode, enter to it should display the following message: XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

    Message explaining /xmlrpc.php is only available to post requests
  2. Use XML-RPC troubleshooter to validate that XML-RPC is available in your side.

    xmlrpc verifier

3. Log in into the iOS App writing “”

For some reason the only way I could log in into my WordPress side was by appending www into the url. For example, instead of writing I had to write and that did the trick.

  1. CLOSE THE WORDPRESS APP and open it again.(see note below)
  2. Write your side with www. For example: and press “Continue”
  3. You should see the next screen asking for your username and password.

note If I didn’t close the app sometimes I get this error on the “username and password” screen. Close the app in order to avoid it.


I hope you are able to log in into the WordPress iOS app after this. If you had any trouble tweet to @WordpressiOS and copy me @hidalgofdz.


  • The solution was proposed in this thread on Digital Ocean community.
  • The XML-RPC troubleshooter is recommended here in an (I think) old Automattic knowledge base.