Curated Resources

This is a list of resources that I’ve read, listen or watch and in my view are good software development resources. This list should not be read from beginning to end. Instead it’s just a place where I put the best resources I’ve found for a certain knowledge area. If you want some guidance about how to start learning about a certain topic don’t hesitate to contact me at

The list is grouped by SWEBOK’s knowledge areas until the end that it’s grouped by backend and frontend.

As you can see this is still a work in progress and hopefully I’ll make the time to organize it better.

Computational Foundations

  1. Object Design: Roles, Behavior and Responsibilities

Mathematical Foundations

Software Requirements

Engineering Foundations

  1. Software Requirements 3rd Edition
  2. Writing Effective User Cases – Alastair Cockborn

Software Design

  1. Design Patterns Gang of 4
  2. Refactoring
  3. Laracast OO videos SOLID
  4. Software Architecture in Practice 3rd Edition
  5. Designing data-intensive applications
  6. Patterns of enterprise applications architecture
  7. Martin Fowler Site

Software Testing

  1. The art of unit testing
  2. Growing object oriented applications guided by tests
  3. Test Driven Development By Example

Software Construction

  1. Code Complete
  2. Clean Code

Software Maintenance

  1. Working effectively with legacy code

Software configuration management

  1. Git Site

Software Engineering Management

Software Engineering Process

Software Engineering models and methods

  1. Extreme programming
  2. SCRUM Book
  3. Shape Up
  4. Idealcast by Jim Kim

Software quality

Software Engineering professional practice

  1. The devops Handbook
  2. Idealcast podcast

Software Engineering Economics


  1. for backend
  2. Build APIs you won’t hate
  3. Laracast Laravel Course
  4. Phil Sturgeon blog


  1. for frontend
  2. CSS Tricks
  3. BEM Methodology
  4. Atomic Design
  5. Component driven user interfaces
  6. Kent C Dodds Epic React
  7. Kent C Dodds Testing Javascript
  8. Kent C Dodds site
  9. Dan Abramov Site